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Is your purpose being thwarted by conflict?

For professionals like you, feeling unhappy and powerless in your workplace is unacceptable.

If you’re taking home more bad days than good, you know that something has to change.

We’re here to tell you that you can speak up and gain people’s trust and respect. You can successfully confront challenges and devise solutions while not giving up on your integrity in the process.

You can make the difference you want to make.

Pluck With Purpose offers hands-on relationship skills training and leadership development for purpose-driven professionals. We teach you how to turn judgment and conflict to your strategic advantage, maximizing your contributions for yourself and those you serve.

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Before taking the 4 Skills Workshop, I realized that I heard very little of what others were saying and thought I was being attacked by other people most of the time. Now I feel like the light has been turned on. People at work tell me that I’m much more present and care more about others than I had before. Take the 4 Skills Workshop! It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. I don’t think there is one person on this planet that doesn’t need these skills.

Carmen, Supervisor, Community Interface Services

Before learning the 4 Skills, I was often surprised by other people. I wasn't connecting to them as they genuinely are, only as I wanted them to be. I often took things personally, like whatever offense or issue was my fault. After taking the workshop, I have little to no slide into others' responsibilities. I know how to keep myself whole while still relating effectively at work, especially during conflict. I have new ways of doing things that bring more energy, lightness, and joy. My life's more peaceful!

Maggie, Data Analyst, Department of Veterans Affairs

Taking the 4 Skills Workshop completely changed everything I knew about relating to others. At the beginning of the course, I couldn't get past personalizing and internalizing everything about conversations. I realized I needed to stop trying to predict and brace for whatever the other person had to say, so stepping away from that bias was liberating. After learning the 4 Skills, I've got a solid footing in difficult conversations no matter what’s coming at me. While working with Pluck, I felt valued and not judged. It was an incredible personal journey—take the workshop, you won’t regret it. My entire worldview has changed! 

Dave, Commander, United States Navy

Before learning the 4 Skills, I really wasn't listening effectively. I was getting stuck, repeating the same patterns of ineffective communication. Now I have a deeper level of understanding of those around me that's made me more effective at work and home. I have a renewed sense of engagement. I am more present in my communication. I pay more attention to understanding what is being said, rather than what words are being used. I have developed new capacities that open a world of possibilities. 

Nancy, Safety Manager, VA San Diego Healthcare System

Before taking the workshop, I was setting aside a responsibility to myself, burying my wants and needs to prioritize the needs of others. This came at a great expense in my ability to grow because I was denying my true self. Now I have a new level of self-awareness that allows me to recognize when I am giving up my sovereignty. The skills provided me with tools to make better choices for myself and for how I choose to relate to others. The skills are essential tools and benefit all aspects of my life where I relate to people. I’m able to get at my own struggle instead of putting it on other people. 

Stephanie, Registered Nurse, UCSD Medical Center

With the tools I acquired during the 4 Skills Workshop, I find myself more capable of navigating interactions in the workplace that formerly presented themselves as daunting challenges. No matter the emotional charge of a situation, I am now equipped to both accept the message being sent and maintain my integrity. The workshop provided a haven to pause, look at myself, and consider what I was doing to block my way. It was an ideal environment for cultivating an awareness of my habitual patterns of interacting with others. And there was nothing abstract about it. I walked out with a set of immediately applicable skills that changed the way I relate day to day. 

James, San Diego

It’s difficult to imagine and look back at myself before learning the 4 Skills. I was creating a path for myself without having an understanding of who I am and how I want to be. Now I decide how I want to show up, have the skills to relate in any given situation, and make decisions from a state of self-awareness and responsibility. I can remain engaged in charged environments and interactions. I am able to relate in a manner that keeps me feeling good and intact, and when finishing an interaction, I have a better understanding of the other and where I am with a given topic. I’ve had a shift in my concept of responsibility from external to internal. I feel light, joy, and whole. 

Erin, Senior Specialist, Sharp Grossmont Hospital