Change the Way You Relate to Others

You’ve done everything you’re “supposed” to do with your career, and yet it’s not working.

You’ve developed a work persona that is at odds with your true self. And if you’re being honest, some days you wonder whether you can keep holding it all together.

On a daily basis, you get bogged down by disruptive people and situations. This is unacceptable to you because it limits your performance, inhibiting your ability to have true influence in your industry and for those you serve.

You sense that there’s a problem, but you’re not sure what the solution is.

+ Imagine showing up authentically, being true to yourself and getting your needs met, all while deepening and enriching your connections with others.

+ Imagine feeling capable of handling conflict and difficult situations through self-generated solutions.

+ Imagine believing that your life is not about fixing one problem after the next, but instead about creating something bigger—and better.

Become a Leader With a Bold Vision For the Future

At Pluck With Purpose, we offer hands-on relationship skills training and leadership development for purpose-driven professionals in the San Diego area.

We teach you how to turn judgment and conflict to your strategic advantage, maximizing your contributions for yourself and those you serve.

Our mission is to equip every individual with the skills to relate to others.

Our vision is a world in which every individual is at peace—peace within equals peace in relating to others.


a spirited and determined courage
in the face of difficulty



knowing the reason one exists, and
setting intention and objectives from that knowledge

How We Do It: The 4 Skills

We teach you how to become skilled at relating to others—especially when there’s conflict or disagreement—while not giving up on your personal integrity. The core of our work is teaching the 4 Skills of relationship competency. 

The 4 Skills of relationship competency are:


Empathic Listening

The skill you choose when you want to understand the other



The skill you choose when the other wants to open up and grow



The skill you choose when you want to manifest your will


Unconditional Positive Regard

The skill you choose when you encounter conflict

It’s a sustainable, adaptable approach to relating to people that combines the best of who you are with the skills that apply to any situation you may encounter.

Meet the Pluck Team

Dr Jennifer McCabe | Pluck with PurposeDr. Jennifer McCabe

Founder and CEO

Jennifer is an expert on human behavior and leadership.

She helps purpose-driven professionals create methodical step-by-step plans to reach relationship competency, often synthesizing large amounts of shared and observed information to enable breakthroughs for her students.

Intellectually progressive with an innate curiosity, her calm leadership is the embodiment of the 4 Skills.

With her signature quiet ambition, Jennifer brings her background in roles such as scientist, teacher, research director, and registered nurse in public entities like the Army Reserves and private organizations like The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania to her teaching.

Jenn received her BSN from San Diego State University and her MSN and PhD from the University of Pennsylvania. While at Penn, she studied human behavior, non-profit management, and leadership. Jennifer is currently a visiting scholar at the Center for the Study of the Person.

Sarah Kwan | Pluck with PurposeSarah Kwan

Director of Alliance

Sarah runs Alliance, Pluck’s Community Partnership Program that brings the 4 Skills to non-profits in the San Diego area.

In addition to being accomplished with the 4 Skills, she has designed and implemented staff education content for annual competency training in a rapidly-changing environment, and performed qualitative research on the components of effective (and ineffective) inter-personal communication.

Sarah spent over five years as a frontline provider managing care with a multi-faceted team in charged situations. She has been volunteering with global medical services since 2006, traveling to Sri Lanka, Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, and Kenya, among others. And if you ever get the chance to try her blue ribbon, award-winning pies, take it!

Key Contributors

Alyssa Burtt Brand Strategist and DesignerAlyssa Burtt
Brand Strategist and Designer
Under the guise of brand strategy, Alyssa witnesses smart, insightful people realize the bigger story they’re telling through their life’s work. Clients flock to her business, Brave Narrative, for the tools to tell a bigger story, taking bolder leaps with their business, naturally magnetizing their ideal clients, and having the lasting impact they crave.


Amy Crane, Social Media ManagerAmy Crane
Social Media Manager
Amy founded Social Lab Marketing with the mission to help small businesses and entrepreneurs make sense of the constantly changing rules and hype around Facebook Advertising. She works with coaches and consultants to create effective ad campaigns that engage fans, generate new leads, and increase revenue.


Jamie Leigh Digital Strategy Designer
Jamie Leigh
Digital Strategy + Design
Equal parts heart-centered creative and technology nerd, Jamie Leigh thrives at the intersection of brand development, strategy, and design. Jamie supports women online to unlock their own uniqueness + combine it with smart digital strategies full of impact.


What’s Next?

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