Take Charge of Your Fulfillment

New to Pluck? Start with the 4 Skills.

The 4 Skills Workshop

This is our flagship workshop where every Pluck community member starts. Shift the way you listen, advise, communicate, and deal with conflict by learning and incorporating the 4 Skills of relationship competency.

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Leverage Your Skills

Returning to Pluck? Here’s how you can receive support:

Subject Intensives

For 4 Skills graduates, this is a suite of trainings focused on skill application for common work scenarios. Bring leverage to how you connect with your employees, peers, and superiors by transforming everyday interactions into opportunities for connection, growth, and results.

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Leadership is our four-year summit program that advances the work you began in the 4 Skills Workshop and strengthened in the Subject Intensives. You will build the life you want, declare your vision, create a community of followers, and walk away with a grounded substantive understanding of yourself and what it means to lead.

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