Are You Hearing the Call to Develop Your Character?

The internal call to develop your character can appear in different forms—that disquiet you experience at the end of the day, the turbulence you feel in your relationships from time to time, the repeated patterns of conflict at work.

The truth? Those patterns won’t go away by pursuing superficial solutions, nor will they dissipate by repairing bits and pieces of yourself.

Becoming a leader requires deep, substantive development over time of your independence and character.

This is a call to something greater than yourself.

Our Leadership program supports you with mastering your personal responsibility and the dynamics of free will so you can lead others with integrity.

We see you:

  • Articulating and living your life’s vision
  • Relating effectively to any individual including counsel, allies, and opposition
  • Embracing responsibilities and consequences
  • Mastering the complexities of leadership
  • Leveraging your power effectively
  • Acting in alignment with your integrity and character
  • Building new communities

Leadership isn’t a sprint. It’s not even a marathon. It’s a lifelong commitment to serving others that takes focus, attention, and cultivation of your purpose—daily.

Master the Complexities of Leadership

Leadership is our four-year summit program that advances the work you began in the 4 Skills Workshop and strengthened in the Subject Intensives.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The dynamics of vision and vision articulation
  • How to engage followers, counsel, allies, resources, and opposition
  • Personal responsibility, accountability, and initiative, and the relationship to consequences
  • The connection between will, integrity, and character
  • The process of decision-making
  • Power, in all its forms and applications
  • Clarity about your personal greed line and other threats to your integrity
  • Dependence, independence, and interdependence
  • The difference between opinion and universal intent
  • The composition of a human being and the conception of relationship
  • The complexities of managing paradox and eternally hostile opposites
  • The dynamics of student-centered learning

Taking the 4 Skills Workshop completely changed everything I knew about relating to others. At the beginning of the course, I couldn't get past personalizing and internalizing everything about conversations. I realized I needed to stop trying to predict and brace for whatever the other person had to say, so stepping away from that bias was liberating. After learning the 4 Skills, I've got a solid footing in difficult conversations no matter what’s coming at me. While working with Pluck, I felt valued and not judged. It was an incredible personal journey—take the workshop, you won’t regret it. My entire worldview has changed! 

Dave, Commander, United States Navy

Leadership Program Details

Leadership is a program that meets nine days twice a year for four years.

We meet in February and August of each year.

There are six leaders in each cohort. We meet at Liberty Station in Point Loma. The parking is free, and there are a number of restaurants within walking distance of our location. You will have breaks during the day where you can take advantage of walking the grounds or grabbing a coffee and an afternoon sweet treat.

The program components include:

  • Skills Labs – a 20-hour block of time where you practice the 4 Skills
  • Application Discussions – focused on the 4 Skills
  • Leadership Opportunities – articulate your vision and enlist followers towards a specific outcome
  • Learning Opportunities – teach using student-centered model
  • Permanent Partners – working in pairs, you’ll use empathy to develop your personal and professional vision
  • Outings – day trips to various leadership venues as an opportunity for integration and access to instructors
  • Presentations – work together to produce a product, relating interdependently
  • Standards Report – evaluate progress of yourself and others

It’s difficult to imagine and look back at myself before learning the 4 Skills. I was creating a path for myself without having an understanding of who I am and how I want to be. Now I decide how I want to show up, have the skills to relate in any given situation, and make decisions from a state of self-awareness and responsibility. I can remain engaged in charged environments and interactions. I am able to relate in a manner that keeps me feeling good and intact, and when finishing an interaction, I have a better understanding of the other and where I am with a given topic. I’ve had a shift in my concept of responsibility from external to internal. I feel light, joy, and whole. 

Erin, Senior Specialist, Sharp Grossmont Hospital


I’m interested in Leadership but haven’t yet taken your 4 Skills Workshop. Is the 4 Skills Workshop a prerequisite?

Yes, it is. Leadership advances the knowledge and training you’ve received in the 4 Skills Workshop. The 4 Skills are truly the foundation for all the work that we do together, so that’s why we start there.

I’ve completed the 4 Skills Workshop but haven’t done any of the Subject Intensives. Are the Subject Intensives a prerequisite for Leadership?

No, they’re not a prerequisite.

How soon will I see results?

You will begin to see an increase in your leadership abilities as soon as completing the first nine-day session.

What kind of results are possible for me?

The results from Leadership are specific to you and your goals. Here’s what we can tell you from our experience: You will build the life you want, declare your vision, create a community of followers, and walk away with a grounded substantive understanding of yourself and what it means to lead.

How do you choose the people that will be in my cohort?

We only extend Leadership invitations to individuals we feel are positioned to do the most with what we teach, so know that you’ll be in a cohort of committed, purpose-driven leaders.

What’s your refund or cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of this program, we don’t offer refunds. Your full commitment to each and every year is requested and required when you sign up.

Before learning the 4 Skills, I really wasn't listening effectively. I was getting stuck, repeating the same patterns of ineffective communication. Now I have a deeper level of understanding of those around me that's made me more effective at work and home. I have a renewed sense of engagement. I am more present in my communication. I pay more attention to understanding what is being said, rather than what words are being used. I have developed new capacities that open a world of possibilities. 

Nancy, Safety Manager, VA San Diego Healthcare System

Step Into Your Leadership Legacy

If you’re interested in becoming an agent of purpose and transforming the world, Leadership is for you.

The cost for Leadership is $9,872 per year. Payment plans are available.

The next cohort begins in February 2018, and there are three slots open. Is one of them yours?

Take the next step by filling out the application to let Jenn know you’re interested.

I'm Interested!