Make Every Interaction Count

You’ve got the 4 Skills under your belt.

Developing new capacities to relate to people has opened your life up in a brave new way, and your work life is far more satisfying and enjoyable than it was before the 4 Skills Workshop.

However, you still experience times when using the 4 Skills is a challenge, particularly when the stakes are high or the relationship pattern is a long-standing one. That’s when it’s easy to slip back into familiar roles, patterns, and practices of relating to people.

Maybe you’re not even aware of what those familiar patterns are, but you see the effects in the results—some of your relationships may be improving while others may still feel stalled.

You’d love to have additional support with using the 4 Skills on an ongoing basis, no matter the situation or person. It’s time to make every interaction count by taking what you learned in the introductory workshop, analyzing where you’re getting stuck, and reframing your approach for you.

That’s where the Subject Intensives come in.

Before taking the 4 Skills Workshop, I realized that I heard very little of what others were saying and thought I was being attacked by other people most of the time. Now I feel like the light has been turned on. People at work tell me that I’m much more present and care more about others than I had before. Take the 4 Skills Workshop! It’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. I don’t think there is one person on this planet that doesn’t need these skills.

Carmen, Supervisor, Community Interface Services

The Subject Intensives Series

for 4 Skills Graduates

There are currently four session in this series, each focusing on skill application in common workplace scenarios.

01 Managing Accountability and Responsibility in the Workplace

Does your team experience conflict, disappointment, poorly performing employees, or repeated failures in meeting goals? If so, you’re likely suffering from an accountability and responsibility (A&R) problem.

A&R problems look complex because there are many different dynamics involved: power plays, culture issues, personality conflicts, and a lack of attending to who’s on the bus (let alone the often overlooked destination of the bus). It boils down to one problem, and one problem only—responsibility slide. There’s too much responsibility here and not enough responsibility there.

This session zeroes in on your A&R challenges and has you walking away with an in-depth understanding of your position, your contribution to A&R problems, and strategies to cease and desist. Your team depends on it (and so does your sanity and ability to make true impact).

02 Developing a Task Assignment and Performance Conversation Practice

Raise your hand if you’re a leader who has spent countless hours sitting down with subordinates, peers, and superiors to assign and receive tasks… with less than stellar results.

Task assignment is a critical and frequently unnoticed practice for developing high functioning, high-performance teams. Want better results? Look at what you are assigning your people and more closely still at the consequences you’re rendering when results are not produced.

This session is designed for leaders who want to develop a task assignment and performance conversation practice that can be used to transform your teams, partnerships, and personal performance.

03 Cultivating a Commitment to Standards

Standards reside at the intersection between individual beliefs, values, sovereignty, and institutional norms. In this way, standards can be considered both external—culturally driven and established—and internal—individually determined.

Due to the nature of standards, you may find yourself at odds with those of your organization, conflicted between your personal mission and organizational requirements. There’s a significant growth opportunity if you take the time to identify where each gap resides.

This session examines the standards in your organization, your professional commitments, and those of your co-workers. You’ll emerge with a better understanding of the mechanisms of standards, congruence, and commitment that you can use to adhere and reach—even surpass—organizational standards.

04 Leveraging Difference for High-Performing Teams

As a leader, you spend a great deal of time selecting and developing individuals for your team. You choose unique people with varied skills and personalities with the intention to create a responsive, effective team.

And then you cut them down at the knees—you accept concessions, compromise, and conciliation from the team. In the short run, this can appear to save you time. In the long run, you’ve created a team that doesn’t know how to harness difference, overrides individual contribution, and creates less than optimal outcomes. Over time, dissatisfaction, low morale, dissent, and the worst outcome of all, disengagement, result.

This session aims to have you understand the mechanism for leveraging the differences in your team. You’ll leave having established a standard of interdependence that you can carry forward to lead a high-performing team.

Subject Intensives Details

Each Subject Intensive consists of five workshop days spread out over two weekends.

This short-but-intense schedule allows you to quickly acquire and begin using the new tools you develop in these sessions.

The workshops are held at Liberty Station in Point Loma. The parking is free, and there are a number of restaurants within walking distance of our location. You will have breaks during the day where you can take advantage of walking the grounds or grabbing a coffee and an afternoon sweet treat.

Similar to your 4 Skills Workshop, Subject Intensives are conducted in a small group of three to five people. We provide a safe, low-risk environment where people who are facing similar challenges as you and want to see you succeed make up your cohort.

Before taking the workshop, I was setting aside a responsibility to myself, burying my wants and needs to prioritize the needs of others. This came at a great expense in my ability to grow because I was denying my true self. Now I have a new level of self-awareness that allows me to recognize when I am giving up my sovereignty. The skills provided me with tools to make better choices for myself and for how I choose to relate to others. The skills are essential tools and benefit all aspects of my life where I relate to people. I’m able to get at my own struggle instead of putting it on other people. 

Stephanie, Registered Nurse, UCSD Medical Center


Can I take just one of the Subject Intensives, or do I have to take all four?

You can take as many or as few of the Subject Intensives as you’d like.

Do I have to take the Subject Intensives in a certain order?

Not at all: you get to choose which Intensive works best to meet your current needs.

I’m interested in one of the Subject Intensives topics but haven’t yet taken your 4 Skills Workshop. Is the 4 Skills Workshop a prerequisite?

Yes, it is. The Subject Intensives build off of the knowledge and training you’ve received in the 4 Skills Workshop. The 4 Skills are truly the foundation for all the work that we do together, so that’s why we start there.

Can I take the 4 Skills Workshop and the Subject Intensives concurrently?

No, you do have to complete the full 4 Skills Workshop before moving on to our Subject Intensives and Leadership program.

How soon will I see results?

Just like with the 4 Skills Workshop, you’ll see a change in your abilities after the first session. You’ll also have continued access to the Daily Difference Workgroup for ongoing support.

How soon after completing my 4 Skills Workshop would you recommend that I sign up for a Subject Intensive?

We recommend having a buffer of at least three months before starting an Intensive. You need time to absorb all the learning from the 4 Skills before adding additional application dynamics.

How do you choose the people that will be in my cohort?

We extend invitations to all 4 Skills graduates. From there, we create cohorts that have different backgrounds and roles. We find this contributes to your learning in multiple positive ways, particularly when you see that regardless of the industry, everyone deals with the same challenges.

What’s your refund or cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of these workshops, there are no refunds.

How far in advance do you schedule Subject Intensives?

We schedule the Intensives about two months in advance of the start date.

With the tools I acquired during the 4 Skills Workshop, I find myself more capable of navigating interactions in the workplace that formerly presented themselves as daunting challenges. No matter the emotional charge of a situation, I am now equipped to both accept the message being sent and maintain my integrity. The workshop provided a haven to pause, look at myself, and consider what I was doing to block my way. It was an ideal environment for cultivating an awareness of my habitual patterns of interacting with others. And there was nothing abstract about it. I walked out with a set of immediately applicable skills that changed the way I relate day to day. 

James, San Diego

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We schedule Subject Intensives on an ongoing basis based on interest and need throughout the year.

The cost for each of the Subject Intensives is $2,500. You may choose to pay the fees in one payment of $2,500 or four payments of $750. (You’ll select your payment plan when registering.)

Spaces tend to get filled quickly when we announce Subject Intensive workshops!

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